Day 10: Next Stop – Singapore!

Originally we were planning to stay in Port Dickson for two days which was why we booked a late flight to Singapore. It was to buy us some time for my parents to drive us to the airport. Since we were at Melaka now, the distance to the airport is actually shorter because of the highway. We basically had a whole morning and a couple of hours to kill, since our flight was also delayed by a hour.

We wanted dimsum but the place wasn’t open on Tuesdays so we settled for Brother John Kopitiam. It was a cafe we passed by the night before and it was a mix of Malaysian and western.

I got the delicious salted egg chicken rice dish.

Kaya Toast!

Mee Goreng that my sister got.

After breakfast, we still had a hour to kill before heading to the airport, so we stopped by Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. This mall was no Pavilion, but it was enough for us since we were just browsing.

After my parents dropped me off it was a bittersweet moment. I enjoyed traveling with them around Malaysia and it would’ve been nice if they could’ve came to Singapore too. They didn’t wanna pay too much for the flight since they didn’t book it and they were also flying back to New York two days before we did. The sweet part was now Jacqueline and I could have some traveling alone time.

The flight itself from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore wasn’t bad, it only took a hour. The only bad part was that since our flight was delayed by a hour, we got that even later than usual.


You probably heard amazing things about Singapore’s airport – it’s true. There’s so many things to do and see, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It smells better and it’s so clean that you feel like you’re walking in some 5 star hotel. I really wanted to explore it a bit but we just wanted to get to our hotel at his point and see what we can do at night.

I downloaded Grab, since Uber no longer exist in Singapore since the merger. I’m an avid Uber/Lyft user and I found Grab to just be as good. The app was easy to use, the drivers were amazing and you can earn points after each ride! That’s something I wish Uber or Lyft had.

Our hotel for the first two nights in Singapore was right in the middle of Fort Canning Park. Hotel Fort Canning was lovely and has a charm to it. I love how the building has history and that there are even artifacts on display!

Location wise, it was a hassle since walking through the park was not fun at night nor was it good in the morning since it’s a trek. Our room however was beautiful, with a great view of the park and I love the marble bathroom.

If you don’t intend to call a Grab or taxi each time you want to leave the hotel or come back – I wouldn’t recommend the hotel. I think for convenience issues, I would not stay at the hotel again. Everything else was perfect, service wise and the rooms.

It was basically 10pm once we got settled. We have Clarke Quay saved for the next night with Jacqueline’s friends who live in Singapore so we decided to check out Boat Quay.

Lots of big crabs!

The street down Boat Quay.

Great view of the city from Boat Quay

Originally we wanted to grab dimsum at a famous 24 hour dimsum spot called Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed on Tuesdays so we settled a for a restaurant in Boat Quay called Tian Tian Fisherman’s Pier Seafood Restaurant.

I’m glad I read the reviews before ordering. One dish that Singapore was known for was the chili crab and I was going to order that until I read reviews about how it was sort of a trap and most customers end up paying around Singapore $600. We ended up getting three dishes, lemon chicken, string beans and fried rice which was mediocre but pricey. Definitely do not recommend this restaurant to anyone!

We decided to walk back to the hotel at night. It was REALLY clean and we felt super safe even though it was our first time here. The only regret we had was walking back to the hotel once we got to Fort Canning Park. The walk within the park to the lobby of the hotel probably took 30 mins since it was a trek. It was not fun, should’ve just Grab’ed it back.

It sucked that we got to Singapore so late and there want anything else we can do since majority of things were closed. For me, it just felt like a waste.

Day 9: An Unplanned Stay in Malacca/Melaka

We woke up to a beautiful view and wanted to take full advantage of our villa before we checked out so we basically stayed in all morning until we had to check out.

For breakfast we ate at one of the cafes within the resort. We redeemed our free drinks and ate a light meal. I got the Nasi Lemak which was probably the best food I had at the resort.

Before we left the resort, we stopped by the archery range to shoot targets. It was my first time and it’s way harder than it looks! I might stop by a range that one of my friends owns back in New York since it was pretty fun.

Since we had nothing planned, we could’ve head straight back to Kuala Lumpur or stop by Melaka first and take pictures of the historic red buildings before heading back. We ended up finding so many things for us to check out in Melaka that it only made sense to stay the night.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Melaka was eat. We ate at Mamee Jonker House which also had a DIY noodle package similar to the Cup Noodle Museum in Japan. For those who don’t know what Mamee is, its a Malaysian company that makes snacks and one of the popular snacks is uncooked ramen. Their mascot/character is a blue monster if that rings a bell.

Chicken rice balls.


The food was way better than I expected since it looked kinda tacky. Melaka was known for chicken rice balls and I’m surprised to say that Mamee Jonker House version was AMAZING.

Afterwards, we just walked around the area and I fell in love with the city. There were so many coffee shops and beautiful architecture. I would say that Melaka comes close to Penang as my favorite city in Malaysia.

There was this one coffee shop, The Daily Fix. I wish we ate here because I love all the decor and the ambiance. It was a mix of modern and traditional. The coffee was amazing.

Another beautiful cafe was Heesan. This was right after I stopped by The Daily Fix, so I didn’t wanna go in to look around holding coffee from somewhere else.

This whole area was north of the popular tourist spot, the Windmill Dutch Square Melaka. Afterwards we stopped by the square before walking south of it.

We walked around Taman Merdeka, which was a park with a bunch of attractions. There was a train and an airplane for people to take pictures of.

I was less interested in these since the plants were beautiful.

We decided to go on a rotating observation deck that overlooks the city. At first we were hesitant, but it was a good way to absorb the view in the refreshing AC and giving our feet some rest.

Here are some pictures taken on the deck:

We walked back to the square afterwards since we parked nearby and there were some hidden gems that I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of!

After settling in our hotel, we walked around Jalan Merdeka. Our hotel was surrounded by food stalls so there were tons of dinner options. We opted for Indian Malaysian food which had the best Roti Tisu (tissue), I ever had.

It was our last night in Malaysia which means our trip is coming to an end. I’ll miss all the amazing (and cheap) food in Malaysia, but I’m excited for Singapore.