Day 11: Last Day in Colombia

The crazy thing about this trip was that it felt like we were in Colombia longer than we actually were. Our first day in Bogota felt like we were there for a couple of days and when we got to Medellin, it felt like it has been over week. It’s probably because we have been doing so much with our day packed with activities.

I couldn’t believe it was actually our last day in the country and we were going to spend it in Cartagena. We woke up pretty late, showered, packed and left our bags with our Airbnb hosts who lived downstairs since check out was at 11am.

Our flight back was originally at 11pm and it was direct one. Something happened and our flight got pushed to 8:45pm with a hour layover at Medellin. It sucked because it would’ve been nice to have a nice dinner before we fly out and also not having to go through process of leaving the plane and “transferring”.

We got breakfast at Se Volvió Prisprí Coffee Shop and then walked around the city afterwards. It was a beautiful hot day and there was a lot of tourist and locals out. The city was bustling for a Tuesday and it felt more alive than the previous two days we were at Cartagena. We did a lot of walking, soaking in the beauty of city during our last few hours in Colombia.

For most of the day, we spent walking around buying souvenirs and taking pictures. We took a coffee break at Abaco Libros y Cafe, which was a coffee shop within a book store.

Our last meal was at Alma, which was a restaurant where we couldn’t get dinner reservations for. It was by far one of the best meals we had and also the most expensive meal we had. We got drinks, two appetizers, a main entree each and dessert to share. Alma makes it to the list of restaurants you have to try in Cartagena. It was my favorite out of all the places we ate at in the city.

Lunch took about 2ish hours and we had to rush back to our Airbnb before heading to the airport. Heads up for anyone planning to get last minute souvenirs in Cartagena’s (domestic) or Medellin’s (international) airport – it’s not worth it. There’s not much you can get and of course overpriced. I can’t speak for Bogotá’s airport, but I’m assuming that there’s much more variety there.

It was a bittersweet moment leaving Colombia as it felt like we been there forever but at the same time there’s so much we didn’t get to do. Colombia makes it to my top 5 favorite places that I travelled to and I highly recommend it as your next vacation destination.

Thanks for following me on my trip to Colombia and for reading my posts full of grammatical errors! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tune for future trips & more posts!

PS if there’s any questions you have regarding Colombia, leave a comment!