About Me

Hi, you can guess my name by what I named my blog! I enjoy coffee, binge watching Netflix, brunch, video games, reading and of course travelling. (Basically I’m your typical millennial).

This blog was started when I was in Japan and the beauty of having a pocket wifi allowed me to record my adventures without worrying that I would use up all of my data.

Currently, I’m only blogging from my iPhone so please excuse all formatting issues and typos as every post is pretty raw. I basically just blog the first thing that comes to mine as I previously had issues blogging continuously because I’m not a great writer.

Trips I been to since I started this blog:

  1. Japan – November 2017
  2. LA – February 2018
  3. D.C. – June 2018
  4. Malaysia – June+July 2018
    Colombia – February 2019
    Currently in Norway