Day 10: A Full Day in the Beautiful Cartagena

We weren’t going to do anything too crazy on our last full day. It was mainly going to be eating and exploring the Cartagena. If we had more time, we would’ve probably visited more of the historical landmarks and maybe even done a walking tour.

We got into the main city around 11am and ate breakfast at Mila Postres.

After breakfast we walked around the city, admiring the beautiful streets of Cartagena. It was scorching hot, probably the hottest we ever felt in Colombia.

We stopped by a couple of shops to check out souvenirs and stopped by La Paleteria for some popsicles. A great way to stay cool was getting cold drinks which we got a lot of.

We had coffee at Cafe San Alberto and then went to Maria (restaurant) to get reservations for dinner since Alma was fully booked.

I loved seeing all the colorful buildings and streets everywhere we went. We took a nice long walk along the wall by the beach to get the nice cool breeze,

Afterwards we walked back up and got a refreshing juice at Marzola Parilla, which was a rock and roll themed Argentinian restaurant. We pretty much walked, drank and ate all day.

For lunch, we ate at Vera’s which was inside a hotel. The restaurant had a great ambiance and since it was very instagramable, we kept seeing tourists come in just to take pictures. I got the mushroom risotto, which was really good.

We took our time eating and talking since our dinner was pretty late, at 9:45pm. We went to get cocktails at El Baron again and then went to Cafe Del Mar, which was a bar on top of the wall. It was supposed to be a good spot to watch the sunset, but it was too late when we arrived.

We got another round of drinks and just chatted for a couple of hours before dinner. It was very chilly sitting there because of the wind and it was mostly electronic music playing.

When the time came, we went back to Maria for dinner and honestly we were pretty stuffed from all drinks and food we had throughout the day. It was probably the most food we had in a day on our trip.

The food was amazing, we ordered two appetizers – lobster ravioli and fish tacos, one entree each – the ribeye, pork chop and tenderloin. Stuffed and exhausted, it was a good end to the day. We still have a majority of the next day in Cartagena as we are flying back to NY at 8pm.

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