Day 7: Goodbye Medellin, Time to Head to Minca!

Our morning was hectic. We had reservations for paragliding and lunch plans at Carmen. The first thing we did when we woke up was responding to our Airbnb host to use his spare key to get back into our place. There were three things happening at once. Lily was fixing that situation, I was running off to an atm to get cash for paragliding and paying off the hostel that let us stay the night and Ellen was picking up our laundry. We also had to pack most of our stuff so we can get ready to checkout after paragliding.

We took an uber pretty far up north for paragliding. It was the middle of nowhere at the very top of Medellin. We made an agreement with our driver to pick us up and drive us back down afterwards.

It was my first time paragliding and I was very nervous since I am a tad bit afraid of heights. Both Ellen and Lily had done it before in Turkey. When we took off, there was an adrenaline rush but it was smooth once we got into the air.

The person I was flying with was very nice and passionate about what his job. In the beginning it was nice feeling the wind and seeing the view of the city. We were only suppose to be in the air for 15 mins, but after the first 5 minutes I felt really nauseous. It might have been a mix of spinning and the altitude. I felt bad since I couldn’t really hold a conversation with the guy anymore. 15 minutes felt like hours and I had to tell the guy I wasn’t feeling well and we went down afterwards. I think it was pretty much the entire 15 minutes anyway.

Wish I had more pictures to share but I likely will once I get the chance to see what pictures I have bought.

I pretty much had to sleep off my nausea on the car ride back. There was LOTS of traffic and we pretty much got back to our Airbnb at 12:45, 15 minutes before checkout. We all showered and packed within that time period and stored our luggage at the hostel next door.

We had a reservation for lunch at Carmen’s, which was a popular restaurant in Colombia. Originally we were going to do the tasting menu but opted to get different dishes to try.

Lunch was filling but it still can’t compare to Mesa Flanca in Bogota. We had a lot of time to kill after lunch so we just walked around found a cute store and then sat at Pergamino Coffee and chatted for a hour or two.

Afterwards we went back to the hostel picked up our stuff and took an uber to the airport. We were flying to Santa Marta and then taking a taxi to Minca.

The flight was around a hour and the drive to Minca was roughly the same. The drive at night was kinda scary since it was pretty much pitch black and there were a lot of turns. Minca at night was looking sketch as well. Once we got there, we had to hike a good 10 minutes to get to our hostel, Casa Loma. The hostel was beautifully on top of a hill on the corner of Minca.

We booked hammocks to sleep in and it was actually pretty comfortable. Thank god there was a net covering the top so bugs wouldn’t get to you. I’m actually surprised I got a good night sleep in a hammock.

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