Day 7: Shopping Around Bukit Bintang.

Our Airbnb was around Bukit Bintang, but not the nice area unfortunately. Bukit Bintang is the shopping district in Kuala Lumpur. On the map it looked like the perfect location, 10-15 minute walk to all the shopping malls like the Pavilion. Who knew it was going to be a walk through an area that looks sketchy at night.

I was craving Din Tai Fung, after finding out there was one in the Pavilion. I had it a couple of times in Seattle and I loved it. I wanted to have it again in LA but heard it wasn’t too good there. Since we weren’t able to get it the night before, we got it for late breakfast/lunch.

Amazing Truffle Soup Dumplings

Sesame buns

Pork Chop Fried Rice

Spicy Tofu

The pork soup dumplings were pretty disappointing, but the truffle soup dumplings were amazing. They used a lot of truffle which made it even better. Another notable dish was the spicy tofu, which was my second favorite dish after the truffle. Overall, my craving for Din Tai Fung was satisfied. I NEED to try the one in Taiwan one day.

One of my relatives was supposed to join us for breakfast but was caught in traffic so my parents went to eat with her and left us in the mall to ourselves. The Pavilion was huge, and it felt bigger than Suria KLCC. I’m not too sure since we didn’t spend much time in Suria.

The view in the mall

The fountain outside the mall.

Hublot was having a World Cup pop up event

We shopped for a bit before walking out and exploring the area. We got bubble tea from Koi, since my sister said it was REALLY good. It’s pretty damn good, possible the best bubble tea I ever had.

We walked to another mall afterwards, Lot 10 and browsed around. There was a lot of Japanese shops in this mall which was kind of surprising. My sister was hungry and was craving Japanese food, so we went up to the food court and shared a katsudon.

The food court in Lot 10

Next stop was Berjaya Times Square, which was a more local market type of mall vs the Pavilion with all upscale brands. Jacqueline and my sister ended up getting a lot of things at Times Square, while I didn’t find anything that interested me.

There was a game where you can win money and prizes in the front of Berjaya Times Square

Around 6ish, we had to head back to the Airbnb to meet our parents to grab dinner with relatives on my mom’s side around Cheras Perdana. After dinner, we stopped by grandpa’s for a bit before heading home to prepare for an early day tomorrow.

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