Day 3 – Last few hours in D.C.

There were two more spots on our list before we started driving back to NYC. After checking out, we drove to Union Market, which was too far for us last time in D.C since we didn’t have a car.

Union Market was a food hall that reminded me a bit of Chelsea Market in NY but with outdoor seating, ping pong and a beer garden.

Outdoor seating Beer garden area

It was the perfect weather for a drink, unfortunately I had to drive, so we browsed the market. There were so many options and a variety of shops that sold more than just food. It would’ve been amazing to try everything in the market, but we had dimsum reservations!

I heard about Maketto and their unique take on dim sum so I had to make a reservation since we were in town. Maketto isn’t you typical restaurant, it was also a cafe and a streetwear fashion store. There were tables where you sat down to eat, a bar, a cafe upstairs and in the middle was apparel on display. Definitely appealing to the hypebeast lifestyle.

We ordered 4 dishes to share and it was definitely more visually appealing than traditional dimsum. It doesn’t taste like your typical dimsum, (I personally prefer this more) but it is light – leaving you a bit hungry after you’re done. The turnip cake stir fry was my favorite. I love turnip cake, but this was the BEST turnip cake I ever had.

Chinese dough sticks with soy milkShanghai potsticker bunsTaiwanese Oyster Omelette Turnip cake stir fry – MY FAVORITE!

Just thinking about the turnip cakes and looking at a picture of it makes me drool.

Maketto was our last stop and meal in D.C, it was time to drive back and it was a long one. It was a wonderful short getaway for Memorial Day Weekend!

18 thoughts on “Day 3 – Last few hours in D.C.

  1. Hey! I’m doing a little quote challenge and nominated you, if you’d like to do it yourself! I figured with all your adventures, you might have picked up some good ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t feel like you have to do it, but if you do want to, here is the link to my post with the rules:

    Either way, it’s all good! (Also, yes to the food picsโ€”they look so good!)

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