Day 1 – Memorial Day Weekend in D.C.

It’s been awhile since I got out of the city for the weekend, so I decided on DC for the long weekend.

One grande iced coffee, an espresso shot and 5 hours later, we made it to Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the drive from New York didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted. We were stuck in traffic a couple of times which extended our drive by a hour. By the time we got into DC and checked in to our hotel, it was 6pm-ish.

To stretch our legs from the long drive, we walked around Dupont Circle, Logan Circle and Cardozo. A lot of familiar scenery since we were in DC last September.

We decided to get Ethiopian food at Chercher Restaurant for our first meal in DC. It was the perfect choice since we always wanted to try Ethiopian food and there were tons of raving reviews for Chercher.

We ordered the Veggie Deluxe Platter with Chercher Tibs (beef) and two bottles of Ethiopian beer, Babesha. I still remember the amazing aroma when the waitress brought the plate out and the amazing colors of the platter.

Veggie Deluxe Platter and Chercher Tibs

Babesha beer

I loved it – the spices and flavors were amazing and complex in a good way. It was really light so we were surprised at how full we were since we couldn’t finish half of the platter. It had to be because of the injera (Ethiopian flatbread) – which kinda of reminds me of Naan because of how we kind of use it was an edible utensil to pick up the meat/veggies. Defeated from not being able to finish the platter, we took the rest to go.

We decided to end our day early and start our day early since our day would be action packed! Tune in for more tomorrow night!

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