Day 13 – [The End Of] Tokyo

I can’t believe our trip is already coming to an end. Two weeks flew by so quickly. We are now on the Narita Express heading to the airport to catch our flight. The feeling of leaving this wonderful country isn’t going to sink in until we are 39,000+ feet up in the air.

Like many others who fell in love with the country after visiting, I know for a fact that I will be coming back. There’s so many things I haven’t been able to do just in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto alone. I can’t even imagine how much more there is to see in other parts of the country. I’m grateful I was able to spend 2 weeks here. It’s a wonderful end to the year as this was the last big trip for 2017.

I wish I have blogged my trips earlier. Especially since I been traveling so much over the past 2 years! Big trips like Peru and Iceland. Adventurous domestic trips like driving down California from San Francisco to LA and loads of hiking in Arizona and Utah. Even smaller trips like exploring Seattle, Vancouver, Boston and D.C would have been fun to blog.

Thank you everyone who followed my Japan adventure. I really appreciate that there are people out there reading my posts even though I’m not the best writer! Cheers to the next trip!

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Cheers to highball!

I will not be totally inactive after I get back to the States. A lot of updates need to be made that I haven’t had the chance to since everything was done on my phone.

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