Day 12 – Tokyo

Tsukiji Market:

It’s our last day in Tokyo and we couldn’t leave without going to Tsukiji Fish Market. The market will be moving after the end of this year so we had to go to the fish market.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. It’s famous for the live tuna auction, which draws many tourists to visit the market during predawn hours at 5am.

We were at the point of our trip where we were getting exhausted so we didn’t get the chance to wake up super early to attend the auction nor line up for the famous Sushidai. Saving this for the next time I come back to Japan!

It was around 9am and the market was already full of tourists. There were so many food options and we started our day off with some fresh raw oysters.

Delicious raw oyster to start the day.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without trying some fresh tuna!

Tuna bowl with sesame rice underneath.

You can taste the freshness of the tuna. It was unlike anything we had back in New York.


We went back to Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho (Piss Alley) because I had to try the soba from Kameya. We saw a huge line during lunch time during our first day in Tokyo and I knew I need to come back to try it. I got lucky since there was no wait and I ordered the most popular dish, Ten-Tama Soba.

Ten-Tama Soba: Soba with vegetable tempura and soft boiled egg.

I couldn’t stop raving about how good the soba was. Especially for ¥420, it’s beyond worth it. The soba was delicious and there was a good balance between tempura and vegetables. Compared to the soba we had in Kyoto from the restaurant that has been around for 550 years, I would give Kameya the gold medal. I wish I had the chance to try Kameya earlier just so I can eat it a couple more times before we leave Japan.

Sendagaya Station:

We took a long walk from the station to Milk Crafe Cream. Apparently they had icecream that was better than Cremia. I personally enjoy long walks through different neighborhoods of Japan since they are just so different from each other. I love seeing how unique each area is and how you feel a certain way while walking down the street.

Icecream parfait from Milk Crafe Cream.

Okay, the icecream is comparable to Cremia; rich, creamy and delicious. On the bottom there was custard and tapioca, which I’m not a big fan of. Cremia icecream is better in my book.

We walked all the way back to Omede-Sando. Believe it, another day and we end up back in this neighborhood. A beauty brand had a pop up store which we happened to come across and got free totes, samples, macarons and coffee!

We were pretty exhausted after a long morning so we took a break at our hotel.

Hikifune Station:

We wanted Kura Sushi and since we were going to the Tokyo Skytree, the closest one was near Hikifune. This was probably the most residential area we have been to. Walking around the area, we pretty much stood out like sore thumbs since we were probably the only tourists.

I love these buildings.

I couldn’t help by admiring the different buildings we passed by.

We finally got Kura Sushi and fulfilled our cravings. I also tried the Dan Dan noodles and udon and to my surprise they were decent! Quite cheap too, around ¥200-¥300. This time we didn’t win a prize despite devouring 20 plates.

Oshiage Station:

We got to the Sky Tree building and to our luck there were plenty of stores for us to check out. I had to do more souvenir shopping since I was still missing gifts for people. We ended up not even going up the tower because of time and monetary constraints. Maybe next time we’re back in Japan!

We called it an early night since we have to pack and prepare for our flight tomorrow. I’m going to miss Japan.

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