Day 11 – Tokyo

It’s Thanksgiving in Japan and I’m feeling a little homesick. This is probably the first time I’m not home with my family for the holidays. At least I have good company!

Omote-Sando Station:

We wanted to eat at A Happy Pancake for breakfast since we heard they had the best fluffy pancakes! I seen videos of people jiggling them too which is pretty funny. Turned out we weren’t the only ones that wanted pancakes for breakfast. There was a long queue and we just didn’t feel waiting. We went next door to Franze & Evans, which I think is from London. We had a funny moment when we walked in and our waitress thought we were Japanese.

After breakfast we did a little window shopping around the neighborhood. Next stop was Naka-Meguro Station.

Naka-Meguro Station:

We did some more souvenir shopping and exploring of this area since we haven’t had the chance to head this far southwest. Besides getting coffee at Onibus Coffee Nakameguro, the only thing notable was picking up my first item in Japan from Blue Blue Japan. We also stumbled upon & Style Store where we got a couple of souvenirs from.

We did a lot of walking since we wanted to explore and see as much of the neighborhoods as we could as our trip is coming to an end. After dropping our stuff at the hotel, we took the train all the way to Toshima because we were craving Kura Sushi. Unfortunately the queue was so long that we would have to wait at least 3 hours. We even checked two different locations but the wait was just too long for Kura Sushi. It was just a bad day for us as this was the second time as the wait was not in our favor. We settled for Go Go Curry instead. Nothing too special about it since it almost tasted exactly the same as the one in New York. I expected to be wowed since so many people said it was better in Japan.

After dinner we spent quite some time buying snacks and souvenirs from Don Quijote. Shopping in the store was a hellish experience. It was unbelievably hot, extremely crowded and everyone is just pushing each other to get what they want. I never want to go back in another Don Quijote again.


We ended our night picking up Pablo cheesecake/ cheese tart in Akihabara. We wanted to try these cheese tarts since we arrived to Tokyo Station. We were seduced by how delicious they smelled every time we passed by. We were either on the move or too full every time we passed by one.

Original and Matcha mini cheese tarts.

Okay, so usually I’m not a big fan of cheesecake but these are SO DAMN DELICIOUS! The original cheese tart wasn’t too heavy and I didn’t get bored of the taste after the first bite. The matcha one was a bit too creamy and heavy for me. I definitely like the original more. I highly recommend trying Pablo at least once.

Not my usual picture heavy post since we were too busy shopping for souvenirs.

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