Day 9 – Kyoto to Tokyo

Kyoto Station:

Unfortunately we did not get to cross off everything on my to-do list for Kyoto. I’ll be back, that’s for sure.

It was time to head back to Tokyo, where we will spend the rest of our remaining days for this trip. We boarded the Hikiri bullet train with bento boxes we picked up at that station.

My bento box.

Jacqueline’s bento box.

These bento boxes were perfect for the train ride since they were convenient, easy to eat and light. We pretty much devoured our food since it was our late breakfast and we were starving.

Tokyo Station:

2 and a half hours later, we arrived to Tokyo. We had some time to kill so we stopped by a Doutor Coffee cafe in the station. Mainly because Jackie wanted to try a piece of cake that we saw every time we passed by one. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture but it was actually better than I expected!


After we dropped our luggage off, we took the train to Toshima. I really wanted to go to another Pokémon Center since I was amazed at the one we stumbled upon in Osaka.

We ended up getting lunch at Kura Sushi first since it was along the way and since we were getting hungry. We were pretty excited to finally get sushi in Tokyo and also because it’s a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Kura Sushi was even more unique because every 5 dishes you eat, you get a chance to win a prize from a gachapon machine. (It’s all luck by the way.)Our table and you can see the gachapon machine above the touch screen.

Sushi from the belt!

My favorites were the salmon with onion, salmon with cheese and pork with cheese. We were pretty disappointed after finding out that it was all luck for the gachapon prizes. We finally won something after 20 plates.

In total, we finished 25 plates of sushi and 1 special plate that didn’t count towards the gachapon. In total, that only came out to around ¥2800, which is around $26-8. Not bad considering that the sushi was actually pretty good. Way better than any non-high end sushi restaurants in New York.

We spent quite some time at the Pokémon Center and even got ourselves some souvenirs to bring back home. I grew up watching and playing Pokémon so nostalgia hit me hard. Now I’m serious about getting a 3DS and the new Pokémon game. Too bad I couldn’t find a U.S 3DS or else I would be playing it right now and on my flight back.

Toshima Station was surrounded with stores and department stores. We couldn’t help but walk around and window shop. Afterwards we headed to Tokyo Tower, our last destination for the day.

Akabanebashi Station:

Tokyo Tower kind of resembles the Eiffel Tower. I think it’s mainly because of the tip and the legs of the tower.

Tokyo Tower

On the lobby of the tower, there were so many Christmas decorations. It seems like Japan takes Christmas very seriously since we saw something similar in Osaka and Kyoto.

Unfortunately for us, the special observatory portion of the tower was closed for renovations but we were still able to go up 150 meters to see the view.

The view from 150 meters above.

I’m pretty disappointed at the view. I’m not sure if the view would be any better if we were higher either. There wasn’t really much of a main focal point to look at, unless I’m looking incorrectly… We didn’t get to see the Osaka tower or the Kyoto Tower and I don’t think the Tokyo Tower did any justice. Now we have to go check out the Tokyo Skytree. Hopefully that doesn’t disappoint us.

One thought on “Day 9 – Kyoto to Tokyo

  1. >Tokyo Tower kind of resembles the Eiffel Tower

    Tokyo Tower was modeled after the Eiffel Tower.
    (My post: )

    >Now we have to go check our the Tokyo Skytree. Hopefully that doesn’t disappoint us.

    I went up the Sky Tree a few years ago. Here are a couple of photos I took:

    >It seems like Japan takes Christmas very seriously

    Xmas is popular here. But most homes aren’t decorated…mostly just stores.
    My post:


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