Day 8 – Kyoto & Nara


Another early morning but we weren’t able beat the crowds at Fushimi Inari Taisha, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto.

Fushimiri Inari Tashi: the head shrine of the god, Inari. It sits in the base of a mountain and there are plenty of smaller shrines along the trail.

Inari is the the god of rice and merchants and manufacturers have traditionally worshipped Inari as the patron of business.

The entrance

There were plenty of kitsune statues here. They are the messengers after all.

Kitsune statue

I love the architecture and the colors of the buildings/shrines that surrounded us as we walked in.

Loving the color and architecture.

We walked up the famous trail where millions of others have walked and took photos of.

Walking under torii gates.

It was hard to get a good picture since this was the most accessible trail. Unfortunately we didn’t get here early enough!

It gets tougher as you ascend the mountain as the trail is mostly incline, but the views are worth it!

Hiking up.

A view of the city from the mountain.

My favorite parts of Fushimiri Inari Tashi were areas with small shrines and kitsune statues.

An area with shrines

Kitsune water fountain.

Next stop Nara! It took some time to get to Nara since we experienced our first train delay in Japan. Apparently an accident caused the delay. Hopefully no one was hurt.


The train ride itself took around half and hour or so. Once we got off the train it was freezing out and it was drizzling.

We got a quick bite from Mos Burger, a fast food chain similar to McDonalds. It’s actually the second biggest chain (after McDonalds) in Japan. There are bloggers who swear that they always get a burger if they pass by one.

Spicy double cheese burger from Mos Burger.

The picture I took does not do it justice. The burger was amazing and it lives up to the hype. I love the tomato and onion sauce. We are definitely getting Mos Burger again if we pass by another one.

Pro-tip: we bought hot canned drinks from a convenience store and used them as hand warmers.

It was quite a walk from the station to Nara Park and we knew we were getting close when all the stores around us were selling deer souvenirs.

At the park, we bought some deer biscuits from vender.

Deer biscuits.

They can be mistaken for human snacks and they smelled pretty good too. For ¥150, you get around 8-10 biscuits. We fed most of the deers only half a biscuit.

I fed a deer!

Jacqueline feeds a deer.

These deers get pretty aggressive after you feed it once. We saw a couple get swarmed by deers so we were pretty cautious. One deer I fed wanted more biscuits from me. It even nibbled on my jacket. I guess that’s better than being head butted by one.

I wanted to feed this baby.

We were pretty exhausted afterwards. I mean we did have another early start and another day of physical activities.

It was our last full day in Kyoto and I felt incomplete as we didn’t get to explore more. There were a couple of restaurants, cafes and neighborhoods (specifically Gion) that I didn’t get to cross off my list. I guess I’ll have to do it next time when I’m back. I mean no one visits Japan only once, right?

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