Day 4 – Osaka


It was a frustrating morning trying to navigate around Umeda to find this one cafe I had on my list for breakfast. Mainly because the only way to cross majority of the main streets was through a sky bridge. To make matters worse, the cafe wasn’t even open, none of the restaurants or shops were opened around the area.

Plan B – Eggs ‘n Things, a pancake/breakfast chain. The one we went to was Hawaiian themed – not sure if its standard since a couple of other ones we saw didn’t have the same decor.

Loved the interior of Eggs ‘n Things

Everyone around us ordered pancakes but we weren’t craving sweets so we got egg benedicts with salmon and a poke bowl to share.

Egg Benedict with salmon

Ahi poke bowl


After lunch, we took a 30 min train ride up to Ikeda for the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. To our surprise there was no entrance fee and you only pay for your customizable cup (¥300).

The cup is dispensed from a vending machine and markers are provided for you to design them.

My badly designed cup on the bottom.

Once you are done designing, you bring your cup to the station where the noodles are inserted into your cup. You get to choose 4 toppings of your choice next.

Available toppings to choose from.

(left: mine – scallions, narutos, pork, onions with a curry flavor.)

Once your cup noodle is sealed, you’ll receive a plastic bag to insert your cup into. You get to blow the bag up and carry around your cup noodle in a see through bag which is pretty cool.

Final product.

The museum itself was pretty small, there was really only one exhibit that displayed all the different cup noodle packaging throughout the years and also packaging for different countries.

The exhibit

Later we learned that there was a noodle making class within the museum as well (you would probably need a reservation).


After dropping off our creations back at our hotel, it was time for our late lunch. We have been in Japan for 4 FULL days and we still haven’t had any sushi. I EXPECTED TO EAT SUSHI EVERYDAY (probably when we get back to Tokyo).

I was researching sushi spots in Osaka a couple of days ago and found an interesting spot called Yoshino Sushi which has been opened for business since 1841. Yoshino Sushi specializes in Osaka styled sushi, also known as hako-sushi (“pressed sushi”). Unfortunately, it was closed but we were lucky enough to get a takeaway box. First layer of wrapping of our takeaway box.

Second layer of our takeaway box.

Osaka styled sushi from Yoshino Sushi.

It was a light snack as we shared the box between the two of us. Just from the packaging, you can tell how much work was put into it. Overall, it was good and you can really appreciate every part of it – from the presentation to my belly. I never had pressed sushi before so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I guess the only way to find out is to try more.


Another night back at Dotonbori, mainly because I was upset that Hanamaruken Ramen was closed the day before. This time it was opened and we got there just in time because there was no wait.

We ordered their special – slow cooked pork rib ramen. Oh boy – it was the best fucking ramen I had so far.

Slow cooked pork rib ramen from Hanamaruken Ramen.

I was wowed at that big chunk of meat they give you when the bowl came. The broth was so rich and the noodles were firm and bouncy. The meat from the pork came right off. It was fucking delicious. So fucking good, that I wanted to apologize for being upset that it closed yesterday.

After the hearty meal, I felt guilty if we didn’t walk it off. We ended our night after walking around Namba City, a big shopping mall that had Christmas decorations everywhere. I guess Christmas is a BIG thing? The decorations and music was relaxing though – kind of reminded me of playing Maplestory back in middle school when the Christmas event was going on.

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